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~  The Baby Dance ~
Winner ~ Best Actor​

"Profound ...Gunning's portrait of a slovenly bigot is Frighteningly Believable."​

​~ Los Angeles Times

"A Powerful Production... Gunning's AL is an Intensely Sexual lowlife charmer with a Laser-Like Concentration."

~ Variety

"Flawless... Gunning played AL to Maximum Perfection...
One of L.A.'s Best Stage Actors.  This actor with his Chameleon-Like Talent can do no wrong it seems!"
~ Tolucan Times

"3 1/2 STARS...a Runaway Success... Gunning delivers a Top-Notch Performance."
~ Daily News

"Richer than it's star-studded premier at the Pasadena Playhouse... A lingering image is of Gunning's rugged face as AL​ stern and pathetic as he forfeits his dream."
~ LA Weekly "Pick of the Week"

"A Stunning Portrayal... Critical Acclaim... AL's frustration and heartbreak over his desperate situation is indelibly expressed in Gunning's emotionless face... A Must See Performance."
~ Drama-Logue






~ Waiting for Lefty ~
Ovation nomination 
Best Play

"Lefty" triumphs... passionate performances from a desperate couple, Paul Gunning and Kristin Wiegand... Undeniably Relevant.
~ Los Angeles Times

"A hard-hitting and gut-wrenching gem of an ensemble piece.  The always mind-blowing Paul Gunning was dynamically daunting... flawless... gripping!"
~ Tolucan Times

"Touching, humorous and heartbraking.  A highlight being the riveting confrontation between worn-out husband Joe (Paul Gunning) and fed-up wife Edna (Kristin Wiegand)."
~ Culture Mob

"The kind of gritty passion and vitality that must have marked the original legendary production."
~ LA Weekly "GO!"

"Electrifying Drama...Passionate and politically-charged... A timeless piece of classic American Theatre."
~ Arts Beat LA

"Extraordinary actors!"
~ LA Stage

~ The funniest crime caper to come down the pike since "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels."


"...Paul Gunning is deliciously dead-pan as "Coastal" Eddie a hit man who is a bit too sensitive to the weather...The entire cast is solid and does great justice to this truly inspired script.


"...The Story about two rival gangs  is not new, but what filmmakers are creating from this plot might become a new cult-movie: with a breathtaking montage, brilliant camera angles, hilarious details, and a wonderfully structured story that successfully parodies classics in this genre.                                                     

~ Nordwest Zeitung News

" of the most hilarious films this year."                    

~ Syker Kreiszeitung Press

" of the most entertaining films this year, The wonderful black comedy "VERY MEAN MEN".            ~ Die Tageszeitung Newspaper


~  Seascape ~
Ovation nomination 
Best Costume Design

"Best performance by an actor or actress I'd never seen on stage before Paul Gunning's completely realized creation (down to his self-designed costume) as a philosophical sentient lizard in Edward Albee's "Seascape" at Theatre West."

~ Los Angeles Times

"​Broadway caliber is still fainter praise then is merited...​ Gunning plays one of the more difficult roles in the show with sly wit and physical aplomb, His deadpan incredulity is worth the price of admission in and of itself."​


Gunning brings a delightful preening self-seriousness to his role.​

~ LA weekly "GO!"


"Paul Gunning's Lizard is imperious and rudely insistent on propriety and yet endearing. (Gunning also desigend the lizard's realistic yet enchanting costumes and make-up.)"

~ Backstage "Critic's Pick!"

~ Critic's Pick - 5 out of 5 Stars ~

"Gunning and Wiegand are both marvelous not only with the physical demands of the roles but also in expressing the slow but keen progression to emotional understanding."

~ Don Grigware

"Gunning and Wiegand are phenomenal.  The beautiful costumes (Paul Gunning) give the audience an impressive visual and when combined with Gunning and Weigand's commitment to body language movement and acting the audience is treated to a pair of convincing talking lizards."

~ Riveting Riffs

"Paul Gunning's eye popping lizard costumes and make-up are beyond award worthy! Gunning as LESLIE and Kristin Wiegand as his beloved SARAH, are unforgettably mesmerizing."

~ Tolucan Times

"A powerhouse of theatre... when Paul Gunning first shows up as LESLIE, the lizard, the audience holds its collective breath.  The costuming for the lizards by Paul Gunning is inspired and should be a shoo-in for honors at Ovation time."

~ "Recommended!"




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